Local photographer helps families make memories from their front porch

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – With the snap of a photo, Darcie Slivers can create an everlasting memory.

Her passion is capturing those natural moments of families in their every day lives.

“I’m very passionate about just finding the real moments,” says Silvers. “I still wanna be able to bring that to people. To document their real life still.”

So now, from a distance and without contact, she’s helping families capture memories from their front porch.

“I knew that in this time people need some joy and some life and things that are a little more normal,” says Silvers.

For just a couple of bucks, families can get a handful of photos to remind them of the good times in a time of uncertainty.

“Just the joy that you can find in the little things. And just like some of the families I’ve done, just having fun with it and knowing that even though things are tough in these times, they can look back at the moments that they had with their family during this time,” says Silvers. “I just hope that they can find some joy and some happiness in a time that’s kind of tough.”

“The memories of taking a walk every single day and going outside as much as possible. And I think it will be something that will definitely affect us as a family for a long time,” says Carl Junction resident Karissa Haner after getting photos taken of her family.

Capturing those moments and making an everlasting memory in a snap.