Local pet hospital reminds pet owners to keep animals cool during extreme heat

How To Keep Your Pets Cool During The Summer (7/5/22)

PARSONS, Kan. – While the heat beats down over 4-State, vets remind pet owners to help keep their animals comfortable in these extreme temperatures.

Hot weather can easily dehydrate animals and the warm concrete can burn your pet’s feet.

“Dogs especially and cats do not sweat, so they can go into heat stress and heat stroke and die very rapidly,” said Dr. Eva Dudek of the Parsons Pet Hospital.  “When temperatures reach 75 degrees, it starts getting really dangerous because the asphalt alone at 75 degrees is almost 50 degrees hotter, so it can burn their pad to the point of blister and sluffing.”

Buying paw boots and giving our pets a summer trim are great ways to help keep pets cool during the summer.

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