Local organizations and trade schools help former students, staff of Vatterott College

Job Center partners with schools to help students
Local organizations and trade schools help former students, staff of Vatterott College

Former students and staff impacted by the closure of Vatterott College are getting helping deciding their next steps.

The Missouri Job Center has teamed up with local trade schools to put on an informational meeting for former students and staff of Vatterott.

Tim Hall and his son Kenneth were five months into the automotive program at Vatterott College.. a goal Tim wanted to accomplish for his son.

Tim Hall, former automotive student:”For me it was more for my son, so that he could accomplish something and feel good about himself.”

A goal that hit a roadblock, after they learned Vatterott had permanently closed their doors on Monday.

Hall:”Just to have it pulled out from underneath us, ya know, tough on me, but tougher on him because now he’s got to figure out what to do next.”

It was a similar story for Jacob Sweet.. who had 13 weeks left before graduating from his program.

Jacob Sweet, former automotive student:”It’s a real shame because i’m a single father I’ve been busting my butt, late nights.. time away from my son that I won’t get back now, and if something doesn’t pan out from this, it’s just time wasted.”

The Missouri Job Center in Joplin partnered with Crowder College, WTI, Franklin Tech, and the Carthage Tech Center to hold a meeting, with an effort to help those people find what to do next.

Whether it means applying for student loan forgiveness, or getting them into a new program.

Melissa Smith, Crowder College:”So, what we’re really doing is assessing their needs, seeing where they are in their programs, what we can do to help bring them into completion of a program, if they need help with testing requirements, whatever we can do to get them out into the workforce.”

They also helped those former teachers and staff file for unemployment, and find new opportunities at different schools.

Troy Roland, Missouri Job Center:”It will definitely be a little bit of a hiccup in the transition period, but in the long run, they’re gonna be better educated and better prepared and have better jobs.”

Help that several former students are happy to receive.

Sweet:”It’s a shame that Vatterott itself couldn’t send a representative to answer some of those questions, but I’m thankful for some of the other colleges have stepped forward and helped out.”

Hall:”It’s nice to know that there’s an option out there other than having to start from scratch.”

The US Department of Education offers student loan forgiveness after a school closes.

If you need to apply for loan forgiveness, follow this link for more information.