Local nurse traveling to New York to care for patients on front lines of pandemic

Erie, Kansas nurse going to Brooklyn, New York for two months

ERIE, Kan. – Erie, Kansas resident Tracy Surber is a traveling nurse and is going to Brooklyn, New York for two months to help on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

More than half of the cases in the nation are in New York. The state is facing a shortage in medical supplies and ventilators, and is asking for more medical professionals to help care for people with the disease.

“Somebody asked me, “Why would you want to purposely go up there?” I’m like, well, the New York nurses didn’t have a choice. I mean, here it is, and they’ve gotta deal with it,” says Surber. “When I first started seeing all the stuff on the news and hearing all the stories, I actually hadn’t been working a lot. And I just, it’s hard for me to sit here and not do something. So, I mean, I could be in that situation too, and it just is nice when you have help because when you don’t it’s very exhausting.”

She’s set to leave at 3:00 am on Friday morning (April 3rd), and will be working at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

She hopes that after the two months she can bring what she’s learned back to the four-states.

“New York is where everything is right now. They have got all the information and they’re familiar with it. And if I can learn some of those things and bring them back here, then I might walk into a hospital that hasn’t had a lot of cases yet, and then I can kind of be a resource for them.”