Local medical marijuana facility closed, THC products seized

"..so instead of a renewal we had to apply for a new license."

MIAMI, Okla. – Authorities shut down a Miami, Oklahoma medical marijuana facility for operating without a license.

Wednesday afternoon, June 30, the Miami Police Department seized between $150,000 and $200,000 in THC products at Underground Dispensary. It’s located at 11 N Main Street.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) says the facility recently changed hands, and the owners had not properly applied to have a license. OMMA says it was operating as a dispensary, processor and grower, which would require three separate licenses.

“OMMA gave them a cease and desist order, effective the 23rd of June. They failed to comply with that and continued to do business,” says Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

Underground Dispensary says in a statement:

“On June 23 Adam Rogers of the OMMA informed Underground Reserve of limitations in the OMMA license application software. “Unfortunately, due to limitations with the licensing system, this is not a request we can accommodate. New licenses cannot be linked to already existing licenses. While you did submit new applications prior to the expiration of the former ones, they cannot be considered renewal.” Due to this system error, we were unable to obtain licenses in accordance with the OMMA. We are working alongside our team to work through these licensing issues and plan on reopening as soon as we have resolution.”

KOAM asked for clarification on the statement. Underground Dispensary sent in response, “A former partner that was removed from the operation would not give access to the license portal so instead of a renewal we had to apply for a new license. Since the OMMA was unable to combine our application to the original license we were shut down and our property seized.”

As the facility works on its license, law enforcement is working out how to proceed.

“Without that medical marijuana license and that legal paperwork through the state, you are just an illegal drug dealer,” says Anderson. “That’s kind of the line we’re dealing with. Seeing where they’re at on licensing and if it’s civil, criminal… where exactly that’s gonna fall out.”

The OMMA says there are no indications there were issues with the safety of products sold at Underground Dispensary. However, out of an abundance of caution, OMMA’s quality assurance department will test products seized from the facility to test for safety. If concerns arise, the OMMA says they will alert patients who potentially purchased the products.