Local martial arts studio teaches 4-state kids defense skills

A local martial arts studio teach 4-state kids basic self defense techniques for free.

Experts at Universal Sports Karate hosted the event as a way to spread basic awareness and skills to children. Held from 2 to 6 Saturday, it was sparked by the tragedy of Hailey Owens, the 10-year-old girl who was abducted and slain in February. The event was divided into four 45-min sessions and offered kids–and parents–basic skills of how to get out of certain scenarios, such as what to do if grabbed by the wrist or collar. Sensei Gage Hanlon said it was all conducted in a comfortable setting for the kids.

“We’re going to create those scenarios in a safe environment with their parents or their guardians and we’re going to explain to them this is what can happen to you and we’re going to show them how you can escape from this and how can you potentially survive from an event like that.”