Local HVAC service tech offers some safety tips when it comes to using your furnace

Inspections, filter replacement top priority
Local HVAC service tech offers some safety tips when it comes to using your furnace
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Last night’s cold snap and tonight’s near freezing temperatures have many of us firing up the heaters at home. But, before we get to far into winter, there’s some safety tips you may want to consider.

The recent temperature drop had many across the area switching from A/C Thursday afternoon to cranking the heat by Thursday night. Since it’s only be a couple of cold night’s so far, before we get too far into fall and winter, there’s some simple things you can do to keep you and your family safe. Jeremy Booher, Lead Technician at Lyerla Heating and Air says “We’d recommend that before you fire up your furnace, just be sure there’s nothing flammable around it, no items, or heavy lint on it or something like that, also you want to be sure that your air filter is not excessively dirty.”

Booher recommends having your unit inspected at least once a year, and depending on it’s age, you may want to increase the number of times it’s inspected. Another recommendation, listen…”You being the homeowner have heard your furnace light many times and when you hear something that’s just a little louder than normal, you know that something’s probably not right.”

Booher says units start to wear out around the 20 year mark, so that’s a good time to consider replacing it. Beyond checking your furnace, you need to check your house, and make sure you have good carbon monoxide detectors and he says placement is key. “Waist level to head level, and you want it to be close to where you’re sleeping because that’s typically where you’re going to need it.”

Following these steps, and keeping up on regular inspections will help keep your furnace pumping out heat when it’s cold and keep you safe.

Booher says another important thing to check is your air filters make sure they’re clean, and if not, replace them right away. He says it’s usually best to replace your filters at least four times a year.


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