Local health care professionals recommend vaccines amid measles outbreak

Measles reports reach 25 year high
Local health care professionals recommend vaccines amid measles outbreak
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Beth Garrett, Freeman Pediatrician:”It’s just a little mind blowing to me that here in 2019 we’re seeing measles outbreaks.”

The Associated Press reports the number of measles cases in the US has reached 695 — to become the highest number of cases in the last 25 years.

Something that’s reached Missouri.. where a case was confirmed in Jefferson County in March.

Tony Moehr, Jasper County Health Department:”The past few years we’ve seen a lot more cases of this, and a lot of it’s because of unimmunization because of one thing or another.”

And pediatrician Beth Garrett says if your child catches the measles, it could be a very dangerous situation.

Garrett:”Even healthy children can get very sick.. dehydration, they can end up in the hospital.. pneumonia.. complications, encephalitis, and then measles can come back ten twenty years later and cause some brain complications.”

Tony Moehr with the Jasper County Health Department hasn’t seen any measles cases in the county for a number of years.. but..

Moehr:”When you have something that’s that infectious, its potential to spread is pretty much unlimited. I mean, it’s entirely possible it could spread.”

So, local health care professionals are echoing what health care professionals everywhere are saying.

Moehr:”People should be thinking about ‘have I been immunized, am I adequately immunized?’ and if the answer is no, then maybe you should seek out the immunizations and try and protect yourself.”

Garrett:”We encourage 100 percent vaccination. We do our best to make sure that every kids that comes through our doors is vaccinated. We are very concerned about the measles outbreak in this country, and we hope that we can keep southwest Missouri safe for sure.”

Local officials say if you were born after 1957 and don’t have documentation of a vaccination, you should look into getting the MMR vaccine.

The second highest number of measles cases in the US was in 2014 with *667* cases.