Local Haunted House celebrates Halloween in loved one’s memory

Wolfman's House of Screams has been around since 2003. After the houses creator passed away, friends and family keep it going, to give back to the community in his memory.

CARL JUNCTION, Mo.–It’s that time of year when people of all ages get into the Halloween spirit

Here in the four states, many do that at a haunted house. They aren’t hard to find.

“If you just go right down the road you’re gonna find two more haunted houses if you go just right up the road a little bit you’re gonna find another one, if you go into parson’s you’re gonna find one.”

These houses that open every year don’t happen overnight, in fact, Meggie Etris, owner of wolfman’s house of screams says she starts planning next year’s haunt before the current season even ends.

“So we just start planning”, said Etris. “What would look good? What would be good?… So we just write all that down and then we get the materials.”

The name of this haunted house hits close to home for Etris.

“Wolfman’s has been around since 2003, by my dad, Reggie the Wolfman Pippin. He did most of the hard work.”

She’s been doing this with her father since she was young.

“I’ve been doing this with him since I was in junior high…and so he dressed me up, he always dressed up as the Wolfman.”

For other longtime cast members like Glen Reinemann, who’s been doing this for sixteen out of the eighteen years this haunted house has run, it’s about making sure everyone, especially the kids can enjoy the scary fun, which is what he says his friend Reggie wanted.

“For my friend, he asked me to do it, been here ever since…Reggie’s thing was he wanted the kids to enjoy it, to understand what it’s all about. It’s all fun,” Reinemann said. 

So they work together, in addition to other volunteers, all year long, to put on a good show for Halloween, for their loved one’s memory.

“Anything I can do to give back to the community and I can use my dad’s memory to do that, is what we do,” said Etris.