Local glass artist shares skills with Pittsburg art studio

Stained Glass

PITTSBURG, Kan.–As daunting as it may look, learning to make stained glass designs can really pay off.

And what better way to start the new year than learning a new skill?

“I think that they’re learning a new skill, which is great. you know, learning helps keep the brain active, which we all need at any age,” said Dianne Miller, a glass artist.

Miller is using her background in teaching to spread her knowledge to folks in Pittsburg. She’s teaching a stained glass class throughout the month of January at ArtForms Gallery in Downtown Pittsburg.

“I have traded grading essays and research papers for teaching stained glass and fused glass projects,” Miller said.

Participants use pieces of glass and fuse them together to create their designs-turning something old into something new. 

One participant said the activity helps get the creative juices flowing.

“You can get your creative side a little bit more and you have a very polished piece when you get done first few classes a little bit and they turn out sometimes, sometimes not,” said Carrie Smith.

It’s a beginner’s course, less about the outcome and more about the experience.

“This is a beginner class where I teach glass cutting one on one, I call it. this is the glass cutter. this is how you score it. this is how you run the line and go from there.” 

Miller says he hopes the interaction with new people while learning a new skill can create a valuable experience.

“I think I think the camaraderie of the group, most of these people didn’t know each other before they came.”

Classes will continue through January, anyone who missed the January 2nd class can attend a makeup class on Saturday, January 8th.