Local Gardeners find ways to adjust to the summer heat

WALNUT, Ks. – Up until today we have seen over ten days of triple digit heat in the Four-States, and it has led to a difficult time for anyone with a garden.

KOAM’s Jaylon Banks caught up with Jamie Burke of the Burke Family Gardens on some of the challenges they have faced and some tips on how they have adapted.

“Last year we watered our garden once a week, maybe a couple of times a week.  Right now we’re watering our garden every day, and it’s for a couple hours at each section every day,” says Burke

Tips on how to better take care of your garden in the summer heat:

  • Lay down mulch on the soil because it acts insulator to the soil and keeps in moisture longer
  • Water the ground of the bed and not the top– with prolonged sun exposure and heat– the water droplets can act as a magnifying glass– causing sunburns
  • Give the plants or produce some shade by planting trees around, growing sunflowers, or placing a sheet up
  • Move what you can indoors– Still place it by a window so that it gets enough sunlight.