Local fans react to Mahomes’ record-setting contract

Mahomes has agreed to a 10-year extension with Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a 10 year contract extension with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, keeping him in Kansas City through at least 2031.

That extension is worth up to $503 million according to reports, the richest contract in the history of professional sports. 

“This is like the first good news we’ve all heard in weeks now,” says Jordon Rogers, a Chiefs fan from Webb City. 

“I feel like one of the luckiest football fans in the world of sports right now,” adds Curtis Davenport, a Chiefs fan from Joplin. 

Mahomes was the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. 

“When he first got drafted I was kind of iffy about it,” Rogers says, “I was a huge Alex Smith guy. Alex Smith saved the Chiefs.”

Fast forward three years later, Patrick Mahomes has won an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and a super bowl title, and he’s earned the biggest contract in sports history. 

“Patty brought us home brought us a trophy,” Rogers adds, “Now he’s going to bring us plenty more trophies, hopefully.” 

“Given the history of the organization, you relish in this moment a little bit more,” says Zoel Lopez, a Chiefs fan from Chanute, Kansas on Kansas City the best quarterback in the game in Kansas City long term. 

What he’s done in his short time in Kansas City has fans excited about what the next 12 years could bring.

“New dynasty, man,” Rogers finishes, “5-plus rings.”

“I kind of feel like LeBron in Miami now,” Davenport adds, “Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six. Not seven. I could just keep going all the way 12. That’s the level of confidence I have in Mahomes and this team right now.”

“Regardless of what the next ten years brings, what he’s brought the last two years to our community and our fan-base, I hope we never lose sight of that,” Lopez finishes.

Mahomes will be 37 years old when his new contract expires.