Local Facebook group continues to grow as a page, helping those in need

Every day hundreds of posts are published to the Joplin care mongering page.
Joplin Caremongering 3

JOPLIN, Mo. – Back in March, a local Facebook page emerged to help out others during the pandemic.

“We still needed to be able to have that connection and reach out to people and help people and just support one another so I can across this site called Alaskan Care mongers. So I joined their group and talked to them about their group and how they got started and I started one here in Joplin and it has grown from oh my gosh I think 1200 people and now we are over 8,000 members” said Admin of the page, Shelly Tarter.

Every day hundreds of posts are published to the Joplin care mongering page.

“I mean you’ll see anywhere from something funny, uplifting, inspirational to hey we are really down and out right now there’s things that we are struggling with, there are things we need help with right now, is there anybody who can give us advice or point us in the right direction” added Tarter.

For this holiday season Shelly released a post titled ‘Christmas For Anyone’, where free items can be listed to exchange or give away to each other and to those who may not be able to afford what they want right now.

“It brings joy and happiness to my heart to know we can help each other out in this time of need.”

Pam Parcell is an avid member of the group, providing warmth to those who need it, by hanging scarfs, earmuffs, masks and gloves on her fence and letting the members know each time she does so, so that they can take what they need.

“I just put them on there and then I posted on the page that you know they were there for the folks that were needing to go to doctors appts of some nature and they couldn’t get in because they didn’t have a mask, they were more than welcome to come get them.”

But recently Pam came into needing some help herself, when her washing machine stopped working.

“Well I just put it in there because maybe someone’s got one in their garage an extra one maybe they remodeled and got the old one in there that they sell me for cheap or something.”

Without hesitation, Shelly started collecting funds to help get Pam a new one. Member donations started to pour in. And with the help of a local appliance store owner, Pam was gifted a new washer and dryer.

“It’s unfathomably to me it really is a really big blessing but totally a surprise” added Pam.

It just shows that this group is more than just an online discussion page but a place where kindness goes and comes right back around.

“It’s God’s blessing is what it is” said Pam.