Local COVID survivor applauds increased testing for Crawford County

A Covid Survivor Smiles After Beating The Disease


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Twenty-three-year-old Trenton Sinn of Pittsburg, Kansas is back on his feet after recovering from COVID-19.

“At first, you don’t really notice anything. It’s just like, you have a little bit of a sniffle. Not much congestion or anything. Then you start to really feel it, and can’t really breathe very well. You lay down on your back and feel the congestion. Then you start to lose your taste. It’s really weird,” said Sinn as he described his experience.

Fortunately for Trenton and his roommate, they were able to get tested for the Coronavirus shortly after experiencing symptoms.

“Yeah, I definitely appreciate it and all the people risking their lives helping to test people. But I definitely think it’s a good thing. Because as soon as (my roommate) found out, he got tested. I was able to get tested. We were able to quarantine in our apartment and avoid complications or more cases,” said Sinn.

Trenton credits his COVID-19 test with getting back on the road to recovery and was happy to learn more testing is coming to Crawford County.

The University of Kansas Medical Center has announced that they’re bringing more COVID-19 testing to 10 Kansas counties including Crawford, thanks to a grant from the National Institutes of Health and their Radx-Up program.

The grant money will help local health officials create health equity action teams which will bring COVID-19 testing and other resources to underserved communities.

“I think that’s definitely a great thing. The more people you’re able to get tested, the more you figure out who actually has it You can prevent the spread of new cases to more people, and I think it’s going to be a good thing  to have that grant come here,” said Sinn.

Locally, the program is still in its infancy and it looks like the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas could be the one to implement it. A spokesperson for the organization confirms that they just had their first meeting on the potential partnership, and nothing concrete has been established yet.