Local consumers weigh in on pay preferences

Local consumers weigh in on pay preferences
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A new study shows that one in five Americans believes their payments will be completely cash-free in their lifetime.

Local spenders share their preferences and a new business explains what it does to adapt to customers.

Vickie Pancake is celebrating her 46th anniversary with her husband at La Hacienda in Joplin, and when it comes time to check out, she says they’ll be using a card, without a doubt.

“I very seldom even carry cash on me at all, it’s always my debit card,” said Pancake.

Pancake isn’t alone, as nearly 40% of Americans prefer a cash-free transaction, but there’s one trend she isn’t buying into anytime soon.

“As far as, you know, using my phone to pay, no. I wouldn’t do it even if, you know, I had to do it,” she stated.

Pancake worries that paying with her phone would be insecure, but business owners like Luis Vasquez say the method is fast, easy and safe, which is why he offers it at his restaurant.

“You use the phone, it goes through the machine, and they take the payment automatically. So, you don’t need to swipe the card. It’s more security for you and more secure for us,” explained Vasquez.

Whether it’s paying for food or clothes, though, different customers prefer different ways of paying.

“I really like it because I don’t have to pull out my card. I don’t even have to worry about bringing it sometimes. I can just pull out my phone, and just tap it, and it goes,” said Mariah Litton.

Litton represents the growing number of Apple Pay users, more concerned with finding places that actually accept this form of payment.

“It’s only available like every other store you walk into, but if it becomes more of a thing, I mean I definitely think a lot more people will catch onto it,” said Litton.

Vasquez says no matter how you pay, his business is ready to accommodate.

“You can pay cash, card, phone, no matter what. So, we take care of you.”

An estimated 24% of Americans are still making all their purchases using only cash.