Local businesses in Neosho affected by flooding

Back in Thyme Garden and Culinary Center
Local businesses in Neosho affected by flooding

The flood waters in Neosho have receded in some areas, but it has affected local businesses and cleaning efforts are in full effect.

Brenda Coleman, the owner of Back in Thyme Garden and Culinary Center says they woke up to see rivers of water flowing through their gardens.

“It was just, gosh I mean we were just watching it happen, there was just nothing you could do the current was so swift that was going through I mean you just had to stand there and just watch, it was pretty sad actually.”

Coleman says the flood waters washed away pathways, roads and plants.

“It was bad this time, it was fast really fast.”

The flood waters have set the business back, cleaning and repairing what was damaged will take them the rest of the summer.

Coleman says they have plans already in mind to prevent this from happening again.

“Around our whole compound here where we have all our gardens inside were going to start building elevated beds on the outside to kind of protect the water from flowing in and wiping things out um which is going to be a big job that won’t be done in a year that’ll be a big process.”

Neosho City Manager Leland Butcher says crews are assessing damages around town to see how many other businesses have been affected.

“I know of three as of right now, they are still doing damage assessments going and contacting business to business.”

He wants residents and business owners to know that efforts are constant.

“The city is working hard to help recover, help our citizens and our businesses recover.”

Coleman will be working every day to get things back to normal and is thankful it was not worse.

“We had some fear of losing more than we did, but we were fortunate.”

No one was hurt at Back in Thyme Gardens, but they lost a pheasant.
Some other businesses that have been affected by flood waters are Westco Home Furnishings, a section of the store is blocked off due to water, but the rest of the store remained open, and Fancy Nails nail salon was closed Monday, June 24th, 2019 because of flooding.

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