Local businesses close their doors as the stay at home order begins

Resorting to online selling to stay afloat
Miss Daisys Store

JOPLIN, Mo. – With signs hung up, and announcements made, small businesses like Blue Moon Boutique and Miss Daisy’s Home and Decor Company have temporarily closed their store doors as the Missouri and City of Joplin stay at home order begins.

“You know this is my baby and we’ve done a lot of changes over the last several years and I just I feel bad having employees and not giving them the hours they’ve been getting so it’s been tough, it really has been” said Owner of Miss Daisy’s, Christy Caddy.

Caddy says she is hoping the stay at home order will not greatly affect her business.

“I hope not, to be honest we’ve really grown a lot this year and I have big goals I want to hit and it is a setback.”

Branden Clark with Blue Moon Boutique has the same worries, that sales will decrease with just online shopping available.

“It’s going to hurt us in that way because I think probably 75 percent of our customers are like that, you know, they like to come in feel it, touch it, try it on, talk to us about it.”

But resorting to online selling, is what both stores are doing to keep business going.

“We’re changing our ways and we have been selling on Facebook Live, and we’ve totally updated our website” said Caddy.

“Something is better than nothing so that’s helped us and it’s been great, it’s definitely been beneficial to us” added Clark.

And Clark says the stay at home order actually gave her a bit of relief.

“It was kind of a catch 22 because the last couple weeks we’ve been like what should we be doing, what do we need to be doing, what’s best for our customers, what’s best for us? So that’s been stressful honestly so it almost was a little, I hate it, but was almost a little relief that we had to do this now and now we can focus on our online presence, our social media presence.”

Though fear of being able to stay afloat during this time is constantly on their minds.

“Fear of just being able to hang on you know” said Clark.

“I think the worst is the unknown, not knowing when it’s going to end” added Caddy.

Even though both stores are not physically open, they are able to ship their online items, provide home delivery services and curbside pickup.