Local buffet starts charging for uneaten food

East Buffet charging for wasted food
Local buffet starts charging for uneaten food
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What would you think if you went to a buffet restaurant, got your food, didn’t eat part of it.. and then were charged extra for what you didn’t eat?

A restaurant in Webb City has adopted a new policy.. where they’re doing just that.

A Facebook post made yesterday is getting a lot of attention.. more than a thousand shares.. after Kaitlin Stanley of Reeds, Missouri went to East Buffet and was told she would have to pay extra if people in her group didn’t finish their food.

A sign is posted inside their front door, and says there can be an extra charge for wasted food that’s still on your plate.

One of the managers at East Buffet told us over the phone that continual food waste, and rising food costs, are why they implemented the new policy.

We decided to come to the Northpark Mall to talk to people, and get their thoughts on the idea.

Austin Reynolds, Joplin Resident:”You pay an excessive amount of money to get what you want, so them charging you extra for what you don’t want to eat is ridiculous.”

Alejandro Hosken, Joplin Resident:”I mean, I know it’s buffet and everything, but I think they’re charging too much so they make up for most of the food that they waste anyway.”

But Dennis Boothe on Facebook agrees with the policy, saying in part, “People are so wasteful. I see it all the time.. people have a plate heaped up, take a few bites, then go back..”

We also talked residents who can see that wasted food.. especially at a buffet.. can be a problem.

Evan Spencer, Joplin Resident:”If you got like a bunch of food and then just wasted it all, then that’s wasteful to the restaurant, and they’re loosing money, so maybe you should pay for it then, but besides that.”

Diana Baysinger, Neosho Resident:”Young children helping themselves on a buffet.. I see a lot of signs that you know, if you’re ten or younger please assist your children. But again, I think that’s more on the parents sitting at the table, and then the restaurants themselves dealing with why, why was there food left on that plate.”

If you don’t clear your plate at the restaurant.. you could be charged five dollars for a full plate.. three dollars for half a plate.. and two dollars for less than half a plate of food.