Local buffet owner reacts to customer response on food waste sign

Jason Wang, owner of East Buffet in Webb City, speaks with KOAM/FOX14 through a translator after a story about their new policy, which has now ended.

The restaurant recently put a sign up about charging for food left on plates. That sign was shared to Facebook after an area resident went to East Buffet and was told she would have to pay extra if people in her group didn’t finish their food.

Wang says they saw a decrease in customers since implementing the waste policy and wanted to share their reasons behind the sign.

He says they put it up to discourage food waste. He says the food prices have went up recently, but they didn’t really want to increase the buffet price. They do feel like certain customers leave plates full of food.

Wang says they only charged one person who had a table full of food and didn’t eat any of it. Wang says they tried to talk to that customer, but the customer didn’t care and said they can just go ahead and charge them.

Wang says after they put out the sign, they saw a little bit of improvement, but not too much.

The sign is no longer up, and to prevent waste in the future, Wang says they’ll try to talk to those certain customers.

They did see the feedback that they didn’t respect the customers. Wang says that was not their intentions. They do want customers to come back.

Local buffet owner reacts to customer response on food waste sign