Local artist shares her inspiration for her critter art exhibit at Spiva

Repurpose, Reengineer, Relocate by Angel Brame is made of 95% clay
Repurpose, Reengineer, Relocate by Angel Brame is made of 95% clay.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The exhibit is called: Repurpose, Reengineer, Relocate.

“Critters have decided they’d like to get out of their current surroundings. So they are going to take found object — they are going to repurpose them, maybe do a little engineering and then they are going to relocate somewhere else,” says artist Angel Brame.

The nineteen pieces on display are 95% clay and were molded by Brame.

“It wasn’t that I found objects,” says Brame. “It was that I made the found objects and then attached the critters and the wheels and the propellers and anything else that I thought made sense on that particular item to make it move.”

The inspiration for this collection came from a previous project from 2017 in which Brame made 365 pieces, one a day for a year.

“And some of those pieces evolved into things with legs or tentacles or whatever and I took what I learned there and I turned it into this,” adds Brame.

Brame, who is a full-time potter, says she sneaks these pieces in-between her regular work.

“It’s just another way to keep myself energized over my art, my clay. I do mugs and bowls all day long, but this gets me out of my comfort zone and it really pushes me in great new direction.”

She has been working on these critters for a little more than a year, and they’ve been on display at two other locations before Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin. Brame says seeing her works in a gallery is still hard to describe.

“I set out to do something and it took me down directions I wasn’t quite expecting. My original thought was to do a bunch of octopuses in oil cans, gas cans or whatever and it evolved very quickly into something very different,” says Brame. “So it’s that looking out and seeing that sea of accomplishments. May have happened one at a time but now they’re all in the same room.”

Repurpose, Reengineer, Relocate will be on display at Spiva until October 3.