Local 8 year old helps the homeless

Local 8 year old helps the homeless

As the holiday’s approach, one local girl is getting into the giving spirit.

Rather than play with toys, 8 year old Isabella Griffith spends her time filling up backpacks.Snacks, hygiene items, scarves, and blankets all for the homeless.

“I just saw it on a video one day and I just thought it was so heartbreaking you know? That people have to live this way,” says Isabella.

For an 8 year old, she is wise beyond her years.

“Some people don’t even have like running water or food, like some people can’t even buy the basics like shampoo or conditioner,” she says.

Her family has always worked to give back to others, but this project is all Isabella. After doing some research and talking about homelessness with her parents, she became determined to find a way to help.

“Isabella wanted to do this herself and directly to people. And so of course with her being 8 we were like well you know these are strangers, these are adults however she was adamant that she wanted to do it so Andy and I looked at each other and went how do you discourage your child from wanting to care and give and be generous,” says her mom, Carrie Griffith.

Isabella gets $8 a week, 5 of which is her “free spending money.” For the last several months, she has decided to use that money to buy necessities for other people.

“I feel like I already have like a lot of stuff and I don’t need more really,” says Isabella.

“I think if your 18 year old was doing this you’d be proud and at 8 to know that she’s already taking her money and her time and her energy to do this, it just feels great it makes me so proud of her,” says Mrs. Griffith.

But her simple mission is to give back.

“Basically when I help others it feels good in my heart and it feels like I’m actually helping myself,” says Isabella.

She has also decided that all she wants for Christmas are items for her care packages.