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Frank Montemurro

Division: Navy
Rank: Radar Man 2nd class
Hometown: Pittsburg, KS
Wartime Locations: South Pacific
Wartime Service Dates: July 3, 1943 to March 6, 1946
Major Battles: Battle of Saipon, Battle of Philipine Sea, Capture of Guam and Tinian
Unit: Pacific 3rd Fleet, Adm nimitz aboard USS DE Hilbert 742
Significant Accomplishments: Philipine Liberation Campaign Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star 3rd Fleet Supporting Operations in Luzon, Formosa, Honshu and Nansei Shoto
7 Bronze Stars Philipine Liberation Campaing Assauly and Occupation of Iwo Jima, Shore Bombardment against Japan, capture and Occupation of Palau Island.