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Darrell Phillips

Division: Army
Rank: Corporal
Hometown: Arcadia, KS
Wartime Locations: Korea
Wartime Service Dates: 1950 - July 2nd, 1951
Major Battles: unknown - served on front line most of the time.
Unit: 32 Infantry 7 Infantry Division
Significant Accomplishments: Finally after 59 years and 2 months to the date he died, they have finally recognized that he was a Korean War Veteran and is now on the The Korean War Veterans Honor Roll - the story: Dear All, Family and Friends,Just wanted you to know where I stand as of now on my brother, Darrell. Long story, first I contacted Congressman Jim Ryun in 2004. Then in January of 2005 I also contacted Senator Sam Brownback and worked with both of them. Then we, Mayor James Snyder (Pitttsburg ROTC) and I contacted Senator Pat Roberts in November of 2005. So I have had been working with everyone during the years on getting my brother recognized in the National Archives and Kansas Archives (neither done yet). As a soldier who lost his life as a result of the Korean War. One time I was talking to a email friend and a masons wife, Delorse Baldwin, who just happen to be Senator Sam Brownback aunt. She asked if she could help me and I was glad for her help. Anyway to make a long story short. She sent a message or talked to Sam and they started the ball rolling again. It took about three weeks and here is the result. Here is the latest, I received a letter from Senator Sam Brownback dated September 2, 2010. Below is the result.Please check this out. http:// www.abmc.gov/search/koreanwar.php (corrected site as of 9-10)Received packet from Sam Brownback today 9/7 in the mail. They called me on Thursday but I was not home. I couldn't contact them until, September 7th. I called and they informed me that I would receive a packet in the mail. Which I did later yesterday afternoon. I couldn't get the site of open, but I went in under American Battle Monuments Commission.Then I clicked on Korean War. Then I inserted Darrell's last name Phillips, D. And pulled up what it says. I know he is recognized at last by the American Battle Monuments Commission. I received a Korean War Honor Roll certificate containing the information pertaining to my brother. It informed me that he is included in the electronic database. They sent a form to be added to by the family also. So now that is where we stand. I am assuming that everything will be updated as far as the National Archives and Kansas Archives in time. Anyway I have a certificate from The Korean War Veterans Honor Roll that shows he was in the Army and died a Non-hostile Death on July 2, 1951. Here is something I have thought of - I have been working on this for 6 years. Finally after 59 years and 2 months to the day form Darrells death it is finalized. Letter recived from Senator Sam Brownback is a dated September 2, 2010 - Darrell died in Japan on July 2, 1951. Love to one and all, Dad/Dee.
Medals: National Defense Service Medal and the Army of Occupation (Japan/Korea)