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Christopher Steenrod

Division: Navy
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Hometown: Parsons, KS
Wartime Locations: Persian Gulf 01-06/2003 with Amphibious Task Force East for Operation Enduring Freedom.Persian Gulf 04-10/2005 with the Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group.
Wartime Service Dates: 01/2003 - Present
Major Battles: Petty Officer Steenrod was aboard the USS Ashland when the ship came under rocket attack by Al Quida terrorists on 08/19/05.
Unit: Shore duty Norfolk Va.
Significant Accomplishments: As a member of the USS Ashland VBSS team Petty Officer Steenrod participated in 107 maritime interdiction operations including a demanding two day boarding of two suspected terrorist vessels Simultaneously.
Medals: Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for operations in the Persian Gulf from May to August 2005.