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Chester Selvey

Division: Army
Rank: Major (Ret.) - Wartime rank of first Lt.
Hometown: Lamar, MO
Wartime Locations: Pacific Theatre, New Britain, New Guinea, the Phillipines, Guadacanal
Wartime Service Dates: June 23, 1941 to Dec. 9, 1945Army Reserve and then National Guard until 1970
Major Battles: Negroes Island, Philipines
Unit: Company G of the 185th Infintry, 40th Div.
Significant Accomplishments: Battlefield commission to Lieut.-After receiving his commission, Selvey returned to his company and learned the last lieut. (of his company) had been shot and was pinned down under enemy fire. Selvey took several men and found and retrieved the body of the lt. caught in the barbed wire while under constant fire. For his action, Selvey received the Bronze Star.
Medals: Bronze Star