Lions aim to ride momentum to first home win since 2018

MSSU is coming off a blowout win over Lincoln last weekend.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Confidence is building for Missouri Southern after last weekend’s 52-32 blowout win over Lincoln.

“There were a lot of guys who had positive games and breakout games. It’s very easy to have energy after a win,” says MSSU head coach Atiba Bradley, “The competitor, the coach in me is just hungry for the next one. I want to make sure they don’t just get one game of success, but can get two games, three games or four games and be able to finish this season on a high note.”

It’s not just last week’s win boosting confidence for Southern – it’s really how they’ve played the last month against good competition.

“Winning against UCO was very big. Going shot for shot with Fort Hays, going shot for shot with Pitt and then seeing what they did last week against Northwest was big,” says cornerback Jaylon Alexander, “Now we’re feeling like we’re one of those top dogs in the conference, and we want to win out.”

Saturday, the Lions host Central Missouri – a team that has won back to back games after an 0-4 start.

“They all play at a high level. They all enjoy what they do,” says offensive lineman Mohamed Al-Ramahi of the Mules, “You can tell they’re having fun and they also want to win, but you can also tell they’re also trying to figure out what they’re identity is like us.”

“They played some tough games early,” Bradley says of UCM, “Offensively, they didn’t have great output, but you look at their last three games and they’re trending in the right direction.”

A win on Saturday would give the Lions back-to-back wins for the first time since 2014 – and their first home win since October 2018.

“It’s kind of talking out of both sides of your mouth when you say wins are wins, but gosh dang it, I want to win at home,” Bradley adds, “I want to go home and go out to eat and celebrate, and I think fans deserve it.”

“I really want the fans to come out to this game,” Alexander adds, “I want to do this one for them.”

“We’ve done a good job with our attendance. The community is coming out and supporting us. The school is coming out and supporting us,” Bradley finishes, “We gotta feed them. We gotta give them something to keep coming back for.”

Missouri Southern’s game against Central Missouri kicks off at 4 PM Saturday at Fred G. Hughes Stadium in Joplin.