Lights on in long vacant McNally building in Pittsburg

The new owners of a long vacant building in Pittsburg building are getting ready to open the doors for business.

In 2002, McNally Steel closed their facility in Pittsburg.

But the building is once again getting ready for use.

“It’s just a great story – it’s a local company adding local jobs and bringing in an important part of Pittsburg history back to life,” says Pittsburg Are Chamber of Commerce President Blake Benson. “There’s very few people that don’t have a tie to the former McNally building.”

CDL Electric now owns the building and already employs 45 works. The heating and air company must add at least five more employees over the next two years as part of a deal with the city.

“They were looking for a place to expand, they decided on Pittsburg,” says Benson. “They decided on this building and then our Pittsburg city commissioner very proactively help provided the financing to bridge the gap to make it possible to help CDL buy the building.”

The 11 acres along with the building’s price tag added up to $423,000. The city provided a $150,000 forgivable loan as long as the company adds the five new jobs over two years.

Company officials believes that won’t be a problem.

Eventually CDL plans to consolidate its entire business to the complex.

“It’s not only an economic lift but a sociological lift, it’s a city block – big, a huge location – right in the middle of town,” says Benson.

A CDL representative says this is great for the city and their business.

The McNally building was built in 1953. During that time the company made rotary kilns from steel and tire molds.

In the coming weeks more inspections and preparing will take place.