Lightning strike causes Florida home’s toilet to explode

Lightning strike causes Florida home’s toilet to explode

Maybe this is a reason not to go to the bathroom during a thunderstorm.

A Florida couple is cleaning up a mess in their home after the toilet in their master bathroom exploded Sunday morning, according to CNN affiliate WBBH.

MaryLou Ward of Charlotte County said she was in bed with her husband and three dogs during the rain and thunder, when all of a sudden they were blown out of bed.

“We got out of bed and came over here, and the toilet was laying on the floor,” Ward told WBBH.

A-1 Affordable Plumbing said lightning struck near the house’s septic tank, causing the toilet to explode.

“I already sent a picture out to my kids and said, ‘Don’t do it!’ Here’s the proof why you shouldn’t go near the bathroom in a thunderstorm,” the couple’s neighbor Charles Allen told the station.

It might be terrifying to think about, but the plumbing company said this is as rare as a person getting struck by lightning.