26-pound shelter cat that enchanted internet finds home

More than 3K families applied to adopt tubby tabby

(CNN) - Remember the tubby tabby who delighted the internet with his downtrodden eyes and fluffy rolls of flab?

He's moving in with a lucky foster family, and staff at his Philadelphia shelter hope his new home is permanent.

More than 3,000 families applied to adopt the 26-pound behemoth Mr. B after Morris Animal Refuge shared photos of the "big-boned" cat, the shelter said. His forlorn face and unwieldy limbs clearly struck a chord with cat lovers.

After a vet exam revealed Mr. B had "underlying health and behavioral issues," the shelter said it paired him with an extra-dedicated foster family with experience raising more complicated cats.

The goal is still to keep the hefty kitty with his new family. They just need to ensure they can meet his needs, the shelter said.

Good news for his legions of fans: Staff promised they'd keep his scores of fans updated on the burgeoning star's journey. And if the T-shirts emblazoned with his chunky face are any indication, he might be the next Grumpy Cat.

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