Man pulled from path of train grateful to his rescuer

Raiders fan nearly struck by train

Subway rider speaks after being rescued from tracks
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Subway rider rescued from tracks speaks

OAKLAND, Calif. - The man at the center of a heart-stopping close call at the Coliseum Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station is speaking out. He fell just inches from an oncoming train only to be saved in the nick of time by a BART employee.

"I remember looking at the train when it was coming, and I just missed my step," said 33-year-old RayShawn Jackson.

One misstep almost cost RayShawn his life.

"When I fell I saw the train comin' and I only had a matter of seconds to get out…I heard everyone yelling ‘There's a train coming, train train train!'" he said.

That train was just inches away. The BART surveillance video shows a crowded Bart platform after a Raiders game. Rayshawn says he'd been drinking and was distracted on the phone when he accidentally steps over the yellow safety strip and falls.

"When I first jumped I missed my landing, second jump, I feel like an angel grabbed me from the air really," he said.

Bart Supervisor John O'Connor was that angel who jumped into action.

"I just remember grabbing him and pulling as hard as I could," said O'Connor. "He was sitting right there and he put his hand out and that's when I gave him a hug – I'm like dude – you almost didn't make it."

"I gave him the biggest hug. Told him how grateful I am, there in the moment," said RayShawn.

A video by a passenger posted on Twitter of the two men hugging is a moment that has since gone viral.

"One second you could be here, one second, you could be gone. It's that fast," said RayShawn.

The Rancho Cordova man says he's still in awe of what transpired, not completely grasping how he could be alive.

But one thing he's certain of…"He's my hero saved my life, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him," he said.

RayShawn says he's still shaken up, but doing OK.

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