Mr. Food

Mr. Food: Muffin Tin Meat Loaves

Have you ever thought about making one of your family's favorite dinners in a muffin tin? Well, it's time to give it a try! Our recipe for Muffin Tin Meat Loaves is more than just easy and convenient, it's a dinnertime must-have!

Mr. Food: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

If you're looking for a crowd pleaser, look no further than our all-time favorite, these Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars. It's one of the most popular recipes on our site! The creamy filling between two layers of chocolate chip cookie dough makes this easy cheesecake recipe a heavenly delight that no one can resist. After all, who could turn down a mouthful of creamy fill between two layers of ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie crust?

Mr. Food: Utah's Best Funeral Potatoes

When you're called upon to comfort someone and need the perfect bring-along dish, we recommend Utah's Best Funeral Potatoes. This hearty, creamy funeral potatoes recipe will surely be appreciated by friends and family. Of course, this easy potato side dish is perfect for a happy occasion, too.

Mr. Food: Fried Cheesy Pickles

It's got crunch. It's loaded with cheese and a pickle. What is it? It's our Fried Cheesy Pickles! This mouthwatering recipe was inspired by a popular restaurant appetizer found in Fargo, ND. Now that we've come up with our own recipe for this yummy treat, we can enjoy them anytime we want!

Mr. Food: Mushroom Rice Bake

Mushroom lovers take heart! Our Test Kitchen went all out to create a hearty and comforting casserole made with a combo of rice, mushrooms and a few basics. Our Mushroom Rice Bake will fit any of your favorite main dishes perfectly! That makes it a side dish worth remembering for dinners to come.

Mr. Food: Bacon Candy Crack-up

We're sharing our love of bacon with this decadent cracker candy recipe that's topped guessed it, bacon. Our Bacon Candy Crack-Up starts with saltine crackers that are topped with a homemade caramel sauce and finished with a layer of dark chocolate and crumbled bacon. Just a warning: this candy is really addictive!

Mr. Food: Sweet & Citrusy Sheet Pan Supper

Get dinner done in one pan with this recipe for Sweet and Citrusy Sheet Pan Supper! This marinated medley of flavors includes chicken and veggies baked together on a sheet pan; it'll be out of the oven and on the table before you know it!

Mr. Food: Italian Beef Rollups

This recipe is an old-world Italian favorite that we can't get enough of! Once you taste our Italian Beef Rollups, you'll see why this is one of our favorites. Don't be intimidated by the phrase "rollups"; this dish is super easy to make, even though it looks and tastes like it came out of a restaurant in the heart of the Naples, Italy. Let's eat!

Mr. Food: Five Star Chicken

There's a reason why we call this dish Five Star Chicken -- because it tastes like something you would order from a fancy restaurant. The good news here is that you don't have to spend Michelin Star prices to eat like the rich and famous! This easy chicken dish is super affordable, and can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen. Get ready for restaurant quality food at your kitchen table!

Mr. Food: Tossed Spring Veggie Pasta

Spring into the season with an easy skillet pasta recipe that's bursting with light and fresh flavors. Our Tossed Spring Veggie Pasta recipe features bright and fresh veggies, like tomatoes and asparagus, as well as some yummy herbs and crumbly cheese. It's a welcome change of pace!

Mr. Food: Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese

Nothing that comes out of a box will compare to our comforting recipe for Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese. The little bit of extra effort to do it ourselves will reap such a big pay-off -- it's worth every moment! So, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for a no-frill mac and cheese that will change the way you think of dinner.