Mr. Food

Mr. Food: Sugar 'n' Spice Nuts

Made with a variety of your favorite nuts, the sweetness of dried cranberries, and just enough cayenne to give it a good kick, this recipe is sure to disappear by the handful! And, not only is it a great snack when family visits during Christmas, but it's also the perfect goodie to send in the mail, for those who can't be with you this season. 

Mr. Food: Pilgrim Corn Souffle

Since this time of year is about being thankful for all our blessings, we figured that should include a timeless recipe we're sure will be devoured faster than any other side on the table.

Mr. Food: Butter-Basted Herbed Turkey

Our easy turkey recipe is the perfect way to make Thanksgiving very special and super tasty; the expertly blended spices and the extra attention we give to everyone's favorite bird, means that the Thanksgiving flavors are sure to be gobble-it-up-good!