Independence voters choose ‘Nearly Neon’ as official colors for Riverside Park Lions

Paint color mix-up causes uproar in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – A paint mix-up that sparked community controversy at Riverside Park in Independence has seen a surprising development.

Though the lion statues in the park were painted the wrong color by volunteers, residents seem to be warming up to the new shade of yellow.

After more than 2,500 residents voted in a community pole, people chose “Nearly Neon” as the new official color of the lions.

Earlier this month

For decades, lion statues marked the entrance of Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchell Zoo in Independence, Kansas.

As part of LOVE Independence day, SEK Delta Waterfowl volunteered to repaint the lions.

Ongoers describe the iconic coat of the lions as  “circus-peanut orange”, however, the new coat of paint quickly garnered judgment.

Due to a paint mix-up, the lions at the park are now a bright neon yellow.

Officials say many expressed their appreciation for the volunteers and enjoy the new shade, however, some say the statues look like ‘lemon-shaped lions’.

Now, voters ultimately get to choose which color the lions will be painted, given the choices of “Nearly Neon Poppin’ Yellow” and “Play-it-Safe Mellow Yellow.”

Residents since dubbed this controversy #LionGate.