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Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains with Low Rates and Low (or no) Pet Fees

When times are “tough” -- and even when they’re not, it’s always nice when you can save a dime or two.  While many of us are itching to get away with our pet, others may have to due to a move, family matter, or other obligation. Whatever the reason for travel, it doesn’t have to break the bank if you plan ahead and find the right accommodations for your budget.

Pet-Friendly Hotels You May Not Have Heard Of

Only one thing makes heading out on a road trip better--bringing your beloved pet along! Of course, you’ll need a pet-friendly place to stay along the way. You could just book your same-old, tried-and-true places . . . or, you could make it a true adventure and try something new! Hotels are increasingly welcoming pet guests these days, and there are lots of options to choose from--some of which you may never have heard of!

Best Mud Flaps For 2021

Mud flaps help protect your paint from stone chips and keep your wheel wells clean. As a bonus, they can also add a little truck or rally car style. Here, we rate some of the best mud flaps on the market.

Best Portable Garages For 2021

Portable garages essential for protecting your vehicle from inclement weather and UV rays when on the go or at home. Here, we evaluate three of the best.

Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition: Rally Raid Ready

Land Rover is bringing an ultra-capable version of its resurrected Defender to North America. Starting next month, the automaker will offer a “Trophy Edition” of its Defender 110 SUV that harks back to the brand's overland rally history.