License plate law changing in Oklahoma

Drivers will keep tags when selling car
License plate law changing in Oklahoma
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Drivers in Oklahoma – listen up: there’s changes on the way for your license plates.

When you buy a new or used car, or trade in your old car, the current system in Oklahoma for what you do with your tags, can be, a bit tricky. Steven Nowlin, Floor Manager at Vance Ford says “So generally what happens is, in Oklahoma, the plate has always stayed on the vehicle, then when someone ever purchases the vehicle, legally, the person that traded in the vehicle, their name and everything is still going to that plate.”

But starting July 1st, that all will change with a new law that’s going into effect that says when you sell or trade in your old car, you keep the plates, instead of sending them off with your car. And for dealerships like John Vance Ford in Miami, it makes their life a lot easier. Nowlin says “The John Vance Auto Group, we have six total stores, so in the six total stores we have, there’s tons of cars that we sell that are all Oklahoma cars, so it is hard to keep up with who’s car is who’s.”

When law enforcement pull somebody over, they may have a plate that belongs to the car, but not the driver, and Sheriff Floyd says that can cause some legal hassles. Jeremy Floyd, Ottawa County Sheriff says “So if they’re on the turnpike, or they get a parking violation, or something of that nature, it could come back to the actual owner that’s registered to the tag, and although he or she might have proof, they’ll say well, I sold this vehicle, they’re still going to have to prove in court why, or how, that wasn’t them.” Which means for those selling or trading in the old car, they won’t have to worry about someone committing vehicle crimes, under their name.

Nowlin says that many of the tribes in Oklahoma have already been on the system the state is preparing to adopt.