Liberty to increase natural gas revenues by $1 million

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Empire District Gas Company (Liberty) reached an agreement to increase natural gas revenues by approximately $1 million.

The Missouri Public Service Commission approved Liberty’s request and officials say the average residential customer will see an increase in natural gas rates by approximately $1.50 a month.

“The revenue increase approved by the Commission is no more than what is sufficient to keep Liberty’s utility plants in proper repair for effective public service and provide to Liberty’s investors an opportunity to earn a reasonable return upon funds invested,” said the Commission. When Liberty filed its rate increase request on August 23, 2021.

Liberty initially sought to increase annual natural gas revenues by about $1.36 million.

Officials say the revenue will come from ‘Non-Gas’ charges such as maintenance and the actual cost of gas is not going up.

Under the agreement approved by the Commission:

  • Liberty’s Low-Income Weatherization Program will continue.
  • There will be no change to the residential monthly customer charge. It will remain at $16.50 a
  • Liberty will modify its Experimental Low-Income Program; re-branded as the Low-Income
    Affordability Program.
  • Liberty will combine the Energy Star® Water Heating and Energy Star® Space Heating
    programs into a re-branded High-Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program and will add two new
    programs: the Liberty Energy Education Program and the Energize Liberty Homes Program.
  • There will be a Critical Needs Program developed. This program will be developed in
    conjunction with the Critical Needs Program in its most recent Liberty electric rate case.

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