Lego lovers get week long camp to build to their hearts content

The camp is offered for ages 5-12 years old
Lego lovers get week long camp to build to their hearts content

First time camper, 10 year old Alex Coutu has been building with Legos since he can remember.

“My dad liked Legos as a child, he was born in 1979 and that’s when Legos started making their Legos, so he had a lot of fun and so did his brother, they really like Legos so that’s why I like Legos.”

Coutu was thrilled there was a camp where he could meet new friends that share the same love for Legos as he does.

“Since all of these people here must like Legos and that means if I like Legos we would all make good friends.”

These master builders create themed projects at the Lego camp, led by their counselors, along with free expression building time.

“I’m most excited about what I can throw together with all these pieces because at my house I have a lot of Lego pieces but I don’t have a lot of certain pieces that are kind of useful” said Coutu.

The Lego camp, for ages 5-12 years old, is offered through the Joplin Athletic Complex. This year they are offering two sessions because of all the positive feedback from past years. The first session runs from June 17th through June 22nd. The second session will take place mid-July.

“Kids sign up, and they come and play with Legos for a few hours for a week, they get new Lego sets and play Lego games and watch Lego movies it’s just all about Legos” said Recreation director, Jessica Johnson.

Johnson says the camp is a great way to give the kids a creative outlet during the summer.

“They just have amazing imaginations and I think Legos are a great for them to use that imagination, so yeah it’s fun to watch”

Coutu hopes to come back every year and looks forward to what the camp can teach him.

“I’m hoping to take out of its new creative building techniques.”
The Lego camp costs $125 per child. That cost includes snacks, prizes and new Lego sets for the kids each day, worth a total of $75.

For more information or to register for July’s camp, go to