Learning what animals do for Valentine’s Day

Wildcat Glades stops by the studio to share how they're celebrating the plans for the holiday.

Over the next week, Wildcat Glades will be hosting Nature Valentines, an event geared toward families with children ages 3-6, as the organization’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Vicki Cassidy stopped by our morning show to share the different activities that’ll take part, and how she approaches teaching these sessions for Wildcat Glades after years of teaching first and second grade in Webb City.

The Facebook event reads as follows:

Valentines is coming and we look for something special for our friends. Would you give a pebble like penguins do, or give a new den for a fox? Would you be bitten by a love bug? Learn what animals do for the ones they love. Join us for a craft and a song. To register visit our Facebook page or call 417-708-7713 & leave a message.