Learning about the Gilbert Baker Film Festival

Named after the creator of the Rainbow Pride Flag, the 2020 festival is reaching new heights.

In 2017, Aaron Stewart, who was Parsons City Commissioner at the time, was looking for a way to honor Gilbert Baker, the creator of the rainbow pride flag and a Parsons native.

An idea Gilbert had been working on prior to his death was an LGBTQIA+ film festival, so in 2017, the first Gilbert Baker Film Festival was held.

With it now being an annual festival, we were joined by Chele Landers this morning, leader of the Gilbert Baker Film Festival Committee, to learn more about what this year’s event will be like.

Click here for more information about the 2020 Gilbert Baker Film Festival

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Here is the Festival’s mission statement:

To protect, to celebrate, and to extend the legacy of Gilbert Baker, hometown hero and the creator of the LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Flag, as an activist, an artist, and an educator.

To record and to promote the history of the creation of the Rainbow Flag and its impact on the world.

To educate future generations about the internationally-recognizable LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Flag.

To create awareness of/about the LGBTQIA+ community through the medium of film and animation.

To support and to empower our mission on a collaborative level between the Foundation and it’s allies, including the LGBTQIA+ community, artists, organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, museums, archives and the press.

To promote this mission internationally to the wider world beyond the LGBTQIA+ community.