Lawsuit Filed Against The City of Diamond, A Former Police Officer, and the Chief of Police

Lawsuit Filed Against The City of Diamond, A Former Police Officer, and the Chief of Police

The City of Diamond, Missouri, its Chief of Police, and a former police officer are all subjects of a lawsuit that’s been filed by a Newton County man.
The suit was filed yesterday, but it stems from a traffic stop that actually happened 5 years ago.
The suit filed in the Western District Court of Missouri states that on November 20th, 2012, it was here – near the intersection of Ellison Street and North Washington Street that Sean Gray was pulled over by Diamond Police for speeding.
During the course of the traffic stop, Gray alleges former Diamond police officer RJ Smith and Chief of Police Michael Jones ordered him to lower his pants and then performed an unreasonable strip search on him.
The suit alleges the stop was at 1:20 in the afternoon — and that the search occurred in plain and open view of anybody driving by, and that Officer Smith and Chief Jones failed to take appropriate action to protect Gray’s privacy.
The complaint goes on to say that Officer Smith and Chief Jones verbally insulted Gray, calling him “an expletive disappointment” and that he “just expletive stinks”.
We spoke to Gray’s attorney and the Diamond Chief of Police, both of whom said they had no comment on this suit at this time.
The suit also names the City of Diamond saying in part that the city failed to ensure that itself and its police chiefs properly trained officers…and that during this traffic stop…were deliberately indifferent to the constitutional rights of citizens in Missouri.
The suit says that Gray is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from all three parties individually.
A court date has not yet been set.
Additionally, documents filed with the court have some conflicting information regarding the dollar amount Sean Gray is seeking in damages.

According to the Civil Cover Sheet, the monetary demand is $750,000, while the Civil Docket Sheet suggests a demand of $75 million. We reached out to Sean Gray’s attorney who told us that both of those amounts are incorrect, but did not specify an amount being sought by his client, referring us back to the original complaint which only asks for Compensatory and Punitive damages, as well as attorney fees and any other amount the courts deem reasonable.

We have attached images of both of the forms in question. Some personally identifiable information has been redacted.