Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office: Hood Shooting Ruled Justifiable

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office: Hood Shooting Ruled Justifiable
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1/5/2017: The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has received word from the Lawrence County Prosecutor that he is not filing charges related to the death of 44 year old Rhonda Hood.

The Sheriff’s Office has completed its investigation into the shooting that occurred in rural Mt. Vernon on Monday January 2, 2017. The information obtained as a result of the investigation was forwarded to the Prosecutor for review and to determine if charges would be filed.

After reviewing the information, it was determined that based on the facts, the shooting was justified by the person involved in defense of himself and the other household occupants. While no charges are expected in reference to the shooting, the person involved is still in custody because of unrelated circumstances that warranted his arrest.

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1/2/2017: The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is currently working two possible homicides in Lawrence County that occurred in two different locations.

The Sheriff’s Office received the first call around 7:00 p.m. on Monday evening January 2, 2017. The call came in that someone had located a possible deceased person at a residence just outside the city of Aurora.

Officers and Deputies arrived on scene and spoke to an individual who stated that they had come to check on the owner of the residence because they hadn’t hear from him for several days. As deputies entered the scene the located a male subject identified as Nolan Karch, 82, of Aurora deceased on the floor. It appeared as though Karch had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

While deputies were processing the scene of this incident, the Sheriff’s office received another call at approximately 7:45 p.m that someone had been shot at a residence in the Mt. Vernon area.

Deputies responded to this location along with officers from the Mt. Vernon Police Department. When they arrived they located a female subject in the residence that was deceased. Rhonda Hood, 44, of Mt. Vernon was identified as the deceased as a result of an apparent gunshot wound.

A subject at the residence was taken into custody on unrelated charges pending the investigation of this shooting incident. No formal charges have bee filed in relation to this incident at this time.

The incidents are not related to each other and the Sheriff advises that there is no need for public alarm as a result of either incident. Persons of interest are still being sought in Aurora incident.

(Press Releases via Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office )