Law Firm Leases Space in Local Walmart Stores

Law Firm Leases Space in Local Walmart Stores

More and more types of businesses are leasing space in Walmart’s. You’ve seen Subway, McDonald’s, Arvest Banks, even nail salons. But what about law firms? It’s happened in Canada, more recently in the United States, even more recently, here in the four states.

It adds to Walmart’s “one less stop shopping.” Bringing everything that would typically be downtown to a big box store.

“If you look at the front of each of these Walmart’s, you have a restaurant, you have a hair salon, you have a bank, you have possibly a money center some type of post office type place and so what that has become is just a little commercial hub that our downtown used to be,” says Katrina Richards with The Law Store.

The Law Store, a new law firm, has set up shop at Walmart’s in Joplin and Neosho, offering free and lower cost services, including help with traffic offenses, family law, and bankruptcy.

Research by the American Bar Association shows that there is a large portion of people who do not have access to the law services that they need.

“Lawyers are pretty expensive. And there’s been some situations where I would’ve had a lawyer had it not been so expensive,” says Joplin resident Crystal Redden.

“You have to have money to get an attorney or else some things you just can’t get done and they’re outrageous some of them,” says another resident Vicki Moorhouse.

And with a location visited by many Richards says it will hopefully help some find the service they need.

“They are people who they’re not familiar, they’ve never talked a lawyer before they wouldn’t even know where to find one except they happened upon one while they were grocery shopping,” says Richards.

And being in a location that people are familiar with could lessen any inhibitions they may have about lawyers.

The Law Store will expand to 5 more Walmart’s in Missouri by the end of the year. The plan is to expand nationally next year.