Law enforcement increasing patrols for holiday weekend

JOPLIN, Mo. – For many across the four-states, it’s a long weekend of celebrating America’s independence. That also means, law enforcement will be watching the roads to keep people safe. We spoke with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office about what they’re doing, and how you can help.

Traffic…it’s already picking up as many people have the day off and are starting to get what they need for the 4th. So, in order to keep everyone safe, law enforcement agencies, like the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, will be hitting the roads as well. Sergeant Tom Crossley says “We know that there’s probably going to be some people out driving, maybe intoxicated, we’ve got regular patrols out, we know where our concerned areas are and we just got deputies watching those areas.”

But as Sergeant Crossley mentioned, there will be those who may be doing some drinking this weekend, and unfortunately hitting the road. Hopefully, many will instead be hitting the road in a cab and Brad Baird with AAA Taxi says, they’re expecting this to be their busiest weekend yet. “This is our 12th, 4th of July and it will be as busy as any 4th of July we’ve had due to everyone being locked up, everyone’s ready to get out and have some fun, we encourage everyone to not chance it, cab it, that has been our slogan now for almost a dozen years.”

Now, if you are out and about, and you see what you believe is an impaired driver, Sergeant Crossley says there’s some do’s and don’ts in those situations. “Call and give us the information, one of the big things I like to get, is make sure they can give the tag if possible, and a good vehicle description and which way they’re headed, I don’t recommend people follow them.”

We spoke with the Joplin Police Department as well who says they’ll have extra DWI patrols on the road starting tonight.