Laundry of Love lessens the load

Laundry of Love lessens the load
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A church service project called “Laundry of Love” is spreading faith and clean clothes to local laundromats, one quarter at a time.

Margaret Meads has been limited to doing her laundry at Checks and Plaids Laundromat in Joplin since her washer and dryer broke down, but she tries to limit her visits to just twice a month since it can be pretty costly.

“Last time I came and did my laundry here it cost me $10. This time it’s gonna cost a little more because I’m using a $10 washing machine.”

Coming up with all those quarters can be a hassle, but Peace Lutheran Church members and volunteers are doing their part to make a difference.

“We have little packets with Tide pods and a dryer sheet and quarters to hand out to people here at the Laundromat. It’s a very simple project, but one that any organization could do to help out anybody that can use a little help with a little laundry,” said Laddie Tabor, one volunteer instrumental in starting Laundry of Love.

The project began as a way to help college students struggling to pay for laundry and spread out to other members of the community, much to the surprise of Meads.

“I just was astonished really because I’ve never heard of this going on, so it really helped me out.”

Laundry of Love raised over $100, allowing them to put 15 quarters in each bundle, but volunteers hope to continue this pattern of generosity.

“It’s wonderful to get out and just say, ‘Maybe we can help a little bit.’ You know, everything we do in a small way adds up in a big way,” said Tabor.

Every load adds up and that means every quarter makes a difference.

“It really gave me a nice warm feeling to think that you know, they care enough about other people to want to help them out,” said Meads.

Laundry of Love distributed over 30 bundles, also making a stop at a Webb City laundromat.