Latest updated blog – Warming trend continues for Wednesday – Nick

Warming trend won't last long, though

Good Tuesday evening, everyone. After we spent most of Sunday and all of our Monday with most spots stuck in the 40s, we finally started to warm things up on our Tuesday. With a returning warmer air mass, we saw temperatures go from the middle 40s this morning to the lower to middle 60s for afternoon highs around the Joplin Area.


We have warmer temperatures starting to return as our cold front to the south is starting to return as a warm front. As it does, the warm front will be the main mechanism for additional rain and t-storms to develop overnight and into Wednesday morning. Even after this warm front lifts to our north throughout our Wednesday, we’ll still have to deal with this overall system once again as the cold front out west will work back in by the weekend.


While we are starting to see the main jet push back on top of us and to the north over the next few days to usher in another warming trend, we’ll continue to see additional waves develop to our northwest and pass mainly to our north. Still, they will pass close by to help keep some rain chances in the forecast within the next 2 to 3 days.


While one upper-level wave passes just to our north, it will be close by and help the warm front trigger additional rain and t-storms during the overnight and into Wednesday morning. Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about any t-storms turning too strong and we’re certainly not looking for anything severe. Temperatures will vary as we start Wednesday morning out. North of Joplin and the warm front, areas will start in the middle to upper 40s. Areas closer to the front or back on the warm side of the front will have temperatures starting in the lower to middle 50s.


With the warm front continuing to the north, we’ll see the southerly and eventual southwesterly wind return as we proceed through the late morning and into the afternoon. Once we hit about the noon hour, we’ll hold on to mostly cloudy skies but see the rain chances clear out. As far as temperatures go, we’ll start the afternoon with temperatures in lower 60s in our northwestern areas and into the upper 60s for areas around I-44.


Throw in some returning sunshine later in the afternoon, we’ll see afternoon highs for most areas bounce into the lower to middle 70s. Areas north of Joplin will have highs mainly in the lower to middle 60s, but everyone will be warmer for Wednesday afternoon compared to where we were today.


With everyone on the warm side of front for Wednesday night and Thursday morning, we’ll have a quiet night as temperatures don’t drop off very much as the south wind starts picking up. The south wind picks up to about 15 to 25 mph for Thursday afternoon. With skies staying dry and partly sunny, we’ll really warm back up into the lower to middle 80s across the region.


This warm up will not last long, though. Come Friday, the back side of this whole system will bring another cold front back in from the northwest. That means we’ll have highs in the upper 50s very early in the morning with temperatures eager to drop back into the 40s for the rest of the day. Not only will the cold front live up to the name and start cooling us back down, it will bring cloudy skies and rain chances back in as the weekend gets going.


While we stay dry for Saturday, we’ll stay mostly cloudy and chilly as well with highs topping out in the lower 50s after we start Saturday morning out in the lower 40s. Right as we head into Sunday to start a new week, our next wave will roll in. That will keep us cloudy and chilly as rain chances start picking back up once again.


As temperatures turn quite cooler for Monday and Tuesday of next week, a few more waves working in will keep rain chances around the region. However, any chances for snow or early wintry weather should mainly stay just to our north and northwest. That being said, it’s something we’ll need to watch as we could see lows drop back into the lower to middle 30s by next Tuesday morning and next Wednesday morning.


To see how Halloween is shaping up and how we look going into November, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast down below. Have a good night and a great Tuesday!


Next Wednesday-Halloween: Cool temperatures will start turning mild for the rest of the work week and mainly dry until a storm system moves in on Friday and Saturday.  This will give us rain chances with cooler temperatures.  Hopefully any rain will be out by Halloween evening.

November 1st-7th:  A cool start to the week with mild temperatures returning by the middle of the week.  Rain chances on Wednesday and Thursday, this will bring chilly temps again for the rest of the week.

November 8th-14th:  Mild temperatures return early in the week with rain no Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will be cold and dry conditions the rest of the week.

November 15th-21st:  Mainly a cool wee with rain chances on Tuesday and Thursday.  Warming up a bit by the weekend.