Latest updated blog – Warm temperatures sticking around – Nick

Staying quiet for this week as well

Good Monday evening, everyone. After a quiet and warm end to our weekend, we kept it going as we started the new work/school week out. Like the past few days, we started out on a chilly note this morning with some spots seeing some pockets of mist and fog. After we started in the middle to upper 50s, we had no problem warming back up around 80 degrees with some cloud cover passing across parts of the area today.


After we got to enjoy a quiet evening, we’ll head into the night staying quiet as we turn chilly once again. Once we get past yet another chilly start in the morning, we’ll warm back up without much trouble as we head into Tuesday afternoon.


Breaking down the weather setup below, we’ll start with the surface map showing not much happening here. Our stubborn front that we had to deal with last week has set up shop across the southern and southeastern parts of the country. That will help keep Sally from venturing too far to the north once it makes landfall by either late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. Behind the front, we have a northeasterly breeze in place due to high pressure over Michigan. In the meantime, we’re still watching our next front across the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, the upper ridge is back over the central and southern Rockies. While not directly over us, the ridge has sent us back near 80 and into the lower 80s for today. With no immediate systems ready to work in from the northwest along the jet, the upper levels will try to steer Hurricane Sally throughout the course of the week once it makes landfall very soon.


In the meantime, we’ll have partly to mostly cloudy skies work across the area through the night and into Tuesday morning. Even with that in the forecast, we’ll stay dry and turn chilly once again as lows drop back into the upper 50s.


After we get past another chilly morning, the skies will turn partly sunny across the area. The light northeasterly breeze won’t hold temperatures back as we warm back into the middle 70s by the lunch hour.


Plan on a warm Tuesday afternoon with partly sunny skies and a light northeasterly breeze between 5 and 10 mph. The normal high across the area for tomorrow is 83 degrees and that’s where we’ll top out during the peak heating of the afternoon.


With no big changes for Wednesday, Mother Nature will just hit the repeat button for yet another day. Expect partly cloudy skies and lows around 60 for kind of a chilly start to the day.


With partly sunny skies and the northeast breeze staying light through Wednesday morning and into the afternoon, plan on another warm but comfortable day with highs back around 83 degrees.


One of the big weather stories for this week will be the next hurricane coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. The latest advisory we have on Sally has it as a Category 2 Hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 100 mph. Even though it was moving to the west-northwest at 5 mph, it will start turning more to the north on Tuesday and start to take aim for landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Gulf Shores along the coast. Once Sally is on land and away from its source of energy, it will weaken to a tropical storm by Wednesday afternoon and turn into a depression as it works over Alabama on Thursday.


While the front to our south keeps Sally well to our southeast, the shift in its track will mean we’ll have some cloud cover for parts of our area as some of that tropical moisture tries to sneak in. If any rain chances from Sally would try to head our way, we expect it to only make it to Table Rock Lake and areas around Branson and Springfield. Other than that, our setup stays quiet for Wednesday as the ridge keeps the jet nearby and the upper winds start to steer Sally after it makes landfall.


For Thursday, we won’t have much change in our upper-level setup. With that in mind, we’ll stay partly sunny and warm with highs in the lower 80s. However, that front to the north will start working in. All it will do is send in a little bit of cooler air to bring highs back near 80 as we get the weekend going. The jet setup below for Saturday continues to keep us quiet with the jet on top of the region. That means partly sunny skies for Saturday with highs near 80 once again.


You can see how we have a pretty uneventful week lined up for us. Sticking with Doug’s pattern, we won’t see our next storm system work in until next Monday and Tuesday. That’s when rain chances will try to return across the area. If you’re curious about how we look for the rest of the month and into the first few days of October, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast down below. Have a good night and a great Tuesday!


Next Week:  Staying warm with a system keeping rain chances around for Tuesday.  With this system, we will cool down a bit the rest of the week with mild temperatures.  Slight chances for rain will return by the weekend.

September 27th-October 3rd:  A chilly start to the week with mild temperatures the second half of the week.  Rain chances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.