Latest Updated Blog: Thunderstorms and cooler temperatures. -Doug

Thunderstorms and cooler temperatures. -Doug
8 Am

Good Thursday morning!  I hope your week is going great!  Mine has been pretty good so far.  I am so pumped for the Chiefs game tonight.  If you don’t know I am a life long huge die hard fan.  Win or lose, I am there.  My son who is also a huge fan is super excited as well.  I am also pretty excited about the cooler temperatures.  Wednesday was about 15 degrees cooler that Tuesday, and even cooler for us today.  However, we are going to have the scattered showers and thunderstorms around through the day.  First off, let me show you this storms system.

Upper Levels

The main upper level system is stuck out across the Rockies as a cut-off low.  This means it is cut-off from the main flow of the Jet Stream.  So, it doesn’t go anywhere.  However, over the next few days will slowly weaken and eventually kick out over the weekend.  But it will keep the cooler temperatures around and scattered showers and thunderstorms.  This is an interesting system with the Heady Pattern.  It is a feature of the old pattern, but also a feature of the new pattern as we are only a week and a half away from the new pattern being completely set up.  I am super excited about it.  When I am in NY for a couple weeks starting in a week, I am really going to analyze all of this for you and we will look into the winter and spring months.  So, scattered thunderstorms through the morning hours.

8 Am

Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms to start the day.  Nothing to strong or severe.  These continue through the morning hours.


During the afternoon, these will taper off a bit and most of us should get into the upper 60s to near 70.



Still a few scattered thunderstorms around during the afternoon.  However, they pick up a bit late tonight and Friday morning.


Rain mainly moves out by the weekend.  We could have a random shower on Saturday morning, but most of the weekend looks good.  Check out my long range forecast below.



Next Thursday-Saturday:  Warm with scattered thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday, but the weekend looks good.

September 20th-26th:  A warm start, but turn colder on Monday and Tuesday with a stronger storm system working in.  This will give us rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  Chilly through the middle of the week with mild temperatures returning late in the week with rain chances on Friday and Saturday.

September 27th-October 3rd:  A chilly start to the week with mild temperatures the second half of the week.  Rain chances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.