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While we continue to watch additional rain chances

Good Monday evening, everyone. After our holiday weekend, most of you had to venture back to work under another hot and humid day. On the heels of seeing highs in the lower 90s, we went just a hair hotter after our mild start this morning. While we saw highs push back near 92 today, the humidity made it feel like we were pushing into the middle 90s during the afternoon.


Like the past few days, the heat and humidity did result in some isolated to widely scattered t-storms popping up across parts of the area. With the setting sun, those will fade away and we’ll stay quiet for the night ahead of us. Once we get past another mild start in the morning, though, we’re back into the heat and humidity for Tuesday afternoon.


While we still don’t have any immediate systems at the surface to keep an eye on, we’re still watching the jet stream setup as we venture through the rest of the week. The upper-level ridge centered across Colorado and New Mexico is keeping the main jet stream to our north. While that will keep the summer heat in place, note the winds coming out of the north on the east side of the high over us. Any waves that develop around the edge of the ridge will have a good chance of sneaking in and bring rain chances along for the ride.


For the overnight hours and heading into Tuesday morning, we’ll see temperatures turn mild as we stay quiet under partly cloudy skies. Everyone should see lows around 70 as our Tuesday morning gets started.


After sunrise, the temperatures will be quick to warm up once again under partly sunny skies. Once we get through another quiet morning, we’ll be back into the middle to upper 80s by lunchtime.


With high temperatures pushing into the lower 90s once again for Tuesdy afternoon and the humidity staying in place, that will result in our partly sunny skies giving way to some isolated to widely scattered t-storms once again. Like today, the storms shouldn’t be too strong or severe. That being said, we won’t rule out some good downpours with these t-storms.


If you manage to avoid any of the t-storms for Tuesday afternoon, plan on the heat and humidity making it feel like we’re in the middle 90s.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before… Once we lose the heating of the day, the t-storms will start to fade away by sunset. We’ll stay quiet with partly cloudy skies for the night as temperatures fall back into the lower 70s by Wednesday morning.


Once we get past the morning, we’ll do it all over again. Partly sunny skies could give way to some isolated t-storms in parts of the area with some heavy downpours possible. Otherwise, temperatures stay hot with highs in the lower 90s.


Since the humidity will be up there once again for Wednesday afternoon, we’ll start to make it feel like we’re pushing into the upper 90s to near 100 during the peak heating of the day.


If you remember the jet stream setup from up above in the blog, we talked about how the setup could allow some waves to rotate in and bring in better chances for t-storms. That setup comes into play as we work into Thursday. The very early morning hours may start quiet, but we’ll be watching for a complex of t-storms to work in from the northwest during the day.


Once that complex works on through, we’ll watch for another potential complex of storms to sneak in late Thursday night and into Friday morning. No matter how the rain chances play out, we’re still expecting temperatures to stay fairly hot with highs pushing into the middle 90s. We’ll watch for another chance of scattered t-storms on Saturday, but that looks to be the hottest day of the week with highs pushing into the upper 90s and close to 100. Even though the heat wants to hold on into next week, we’ll hopefully head into next week with highs back near 90 with a break in the upper-level ridge controlling our setup. If you’re curious as to how the rest of July is looking, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast below.

Have a good night and a great Tuesday!


Long range forecast through July:

Next Tuesday – Saturday:  Hot temperatures turn a little cooler for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We’ll watch for t-storm chances on Tuesday and for the weekend. The weekend may start warm, but we’ll be back into the heat on Saturday.

July 19th-25th:  Hot for much of the week before we trend a little cooler for Thursday and the weekend. We’ll watch for t-storm chances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We’ll also watch the tropics near Cuba for some activity that will brew.

July 26th- August 1st:  We’ll stay hot through the whole week as we wrap up July and head into August. Mainly a dry week with some t-storm chances on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll keep an eye on the Gulf for some Tropical activity as well.