Latest updated blog – Staying warm once again for Sunday – Nick

Possible rain chances by the time fall gets going

Good late Saturday evening, everyone. Mother Nature is being nice to us as we continue to stay quiet and nice on this final weekend of the summer season. Our Saturday has been another repeat of what we experienced yesterday across the area. Once we got past another chilly start with lows in the lower 50s, we saw highs climb back to 77° at Joplin Regional and the middle to upper 70s for the rest of the area.


Our final Sunday of the summer is looking like yet another repeat of what we saw today. With quiet skies from start to finish, we’ll go from another chilly start in the morning to a warm and comfy afternoon.


The weather setup continues to keep us quiet. At the surface, we have a cold front stretching from Montana back through Nevada with a warm front stretching from that low into northwestern Iowa. A change in the setup for the week ahead will keep that cold front well to our north. If any systems could bring a change to our forecast, it would be Tropical Storm Beta still wandering around the western Gulf of Mexico. Until then, the high pressure working into the northeast is keeping our light southeast breeze in place for the night.


The upper levels of the atmosphere still have an upper-level ridge centered across the state of Texas. That’s keeping the warm temperatures in place while keeping Tropical Storm Beta in the Gulf of Mexico to wrap up the weekend. With the upper-level low working across the northwestern U.S. planning on working into Canada, that will keep the cold front well to our north through the course of the coming week.


In the meantime, we’ll keep quiet for the rest of the night and as we head right into Sunday morning. After some cloud cover passed through some areas in southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri, mostly clear skies and a light southeast breeze will allow temperatures to turn chilly once again. While Joplin bottoms out around 50°, other areas will range between the upper 40s and lower 50s before we hit sunrise in the morning.


After we get past another chilly start to the day, the same light southeast breeze and mostly sunny skies will easily start warming us up once again. We’ll soar through the 50s and 60s through the morning before we see temperatures in the lower 70s by the noon hour. For the afternoon, everyone across the area will see highs topping out around 80°.


As the new work/school week gets underway, the upper-levels will keep any big systems away for Monday and temperatures right around 80 for the afternoon. While our last day of the summer season stays quiet, we’ll be keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Beta that we can clearly see even at the upper-level map below.


Tropical Storm Beta continues to slowly wander in the western Gulf of Mexico with sustained wind speeds topping out at 60 mph. Through the course of the week, Beta will only maintain tropical storm strength before it eventually makes landfall. By Monday evening, Beta will want to make landfall along the Texas coast between Lake Jackson and Corpus Christi. After that, Beta will want to move to the northeast into Louisiana by Wednesday night as it weakens into a tropical deperession.


While Beta will track to our south and southeast by the middle of the week, some of the moisture at the surface and the upper levels want to try to work into parts of the area. Couple that with a developing upper-level wave, we’ll see mostly cloudy skies for Tuesday and Wednesday with slight chances for rain and t-storms focused on our southern counties.


After a slight chance for a few t-storms under partly sunny skies for Thursday, the moisture from Beta and that upper-level wave will move on as we get the first full weekend of fall started. Another upper-level ridge will build in from the west and park itself across the Eastern Rockies and the Central Plains. That keeps us mostly sunny and warm for Friday with highs in the lower to middle 80s.


Once we get past next Saturday with partly sunny skies and temperatures staying warm, we’ll stick with Doug’s pattern and keep an eye on more rain chances lining up for the start of that following week. If you’re curious as to how we’ll wrap up September and how October is shaping up, Doug has you covered with his long-range forecast down below. Have a good night and a great Sunday!


September 27th-October 3rd: A warm start to the week but cooling down by the middle of the week with a cold front rolling in.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday with this system.  Mild temperatures return by the week with rain chances.

October 4th-10th:  Mainly a mild and calm week with rain chances on Friday and Saturday.

October 11th-18th:  A mild start but a cool end of the week.  Rain chances on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

October 19th-25th:  Mainly a mild week with cooler temperatures by the weekend.  Rain chances on Monday, then again Thursday through Friday.