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A few days in the 50s before we start cooling down again

Good Monday evening, everyone. It was about time we saw the sunshine return after our cloudy and cold weekend. After we stayed in the lower to middle 30s around Joplin yesterday afternoon, it was nice to see temperatures go from the lower 20s this morning to afternoon highs back around 41. All around the region, we all saw temperatures finally back in the lower 40s as our new work/school week got underway.


It was kind of a shame that with our cold weekend, we couldn’t get any snow with the storm system that passed along the Gulf Coast. It did, however, end up dropping 3 to 8 inches across northern Texas (even 9″ around Stephenville, TX), 1 to 4 inches across southern Arkansas/northern Louisiana and 1 to 3 inches across parts of Mississippi and Alabama. While that system is now working over the Southeast, we have high pressure over Texas kicking our southwest wind back into gear for tonight and our Tuesday ahead.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, the upper low that kept us mostly cloudy and cold (and fueled that snow storm across the Deep South) is a bit weaker as it continues to work over the Tennessee Valley for the rest of the night. While there is another weak upper-level low cut off from the jet centered over southern New Mexico, that won’t do anything for us. We’ll focus on the jet shifting to our east and northeast for the next few days as the upper-level ridge out to our west strengthens. That’s what we’ll give us a break from the cooler and highs in the 50s to enjoy for the next few days.


Before we see a warmer day ahead of us, we’ll have to get through another cold night. At least we’ll have mostly clear skies in place with a southwest wind at 5-10 mph. While mostly clear skies would normally send us way back into the 20s, the southwest wind will help keep those temperatures up somewhat. It’ll still be a cold start for our Tuesday with lows in the upper 20s.


Under mostly sunny skies, we’ll see our southwest wind kick into gear at 10-15 mph. That will certainly help temperatures out by pushing the thermostat to 47 by lunch time and near 53 for the afternoon.


Under mostly clear skies once again with a light south breeze at 5-10 mph, it will turn cold once again for our Wednesday morning as lows want to drop back down near 30. After that, however, a south wind at 10-20 mph under partly sunny skies will push us into the upper 50s (some spots even near 60) for our Wednesday afternoon.


Just when we start to see the thermometer trending upward, we’ll have to see it drop back down on Thursday. As a cold front works through, we could see a few rain or snow showers during the morning hours with the front trying to work with little moisture ahead of it. That being said, its main job is to still drop lows into the upper 30s Thursday morning and only allow highs in the middle to upper 40s for the afternoon.


Looking on down the road, we’ll have another weak wave rotate around the main upper-level low that will rotate close to the Great Lakes. This will keep highs in the lower 40s under cloudy skies for Friday while we keep watch for some snow flurries as we get the weekend going.


A fresh look at Saturday shows us staying dry but cold under partly sunny skies. We’ll have highs in the middle 20s and highs topping out in the upper 30s for the afternoon. Once we get into Sunday, we’ll have another system come at us from the northwest. That will keep highs in the middle to upper 30s for Sunday while it’ll also try to bring a few snow showers our way for the day as we wrap up the upcoming weekend.


Looking down the road after the weekend, you can see how we’ll watch for slight rain and snow chances for Monday and Tuesday with another shot for rain by next Thursday. While those systems don’t look too impressive right now, we’re still honed in on the end of the month. The 26th, 27th and 28th still appear to be days where we’ll have a good shot for rain and wintry weather as we work through the final full week of January. You can see the other systems that we’ll be watching over the next 5 weeks down below.


Doug also has you covered with the long range forecast through the middle of February down below.

Have a good night and a great Tuesday!


Next Tuesday-Saturday:  Staying cold with slight snow chances on Tuesday. Staying cold to cool through the rest of the week with rain chances back in on Thursday.

January 24th-30th:  A mild start with rain on Monday, then turning colder with rain, snow or ice by Tuesday.  Staying cold the rest of the week with snow chances on Thursday.

January 31st-February 6th:  A cold start to the week with slight chances for rain or snow on Sunday.  The rest of the week dry with mild temperatures the second half of the week.

February 7th-13th:  A mild start with rain on Monday.  Cooling down the rest of the week with rain or snow on Wednesday and slight rain chances on Friday.

February 14th-20th:  Cold the first half of the week with rain chances Sunday, rain or snow chances on Monday.  Then weak system with snow showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Warming back up late in the week.