Latest updated blog: Some snow Friday and long range forecast. -Doug

Some snow Friday and long range forecast. -Doug

I hope you have had a great week so far.  Mine has been pretty good!  However, I also love rolling into Friday’s.  The weather has been pretty good this week so far.  We did get the showers and the wind on Thursday.  Now, on the backside of this system some snow on Friday.  Flurries and light snow showers will start to pick up during the morning hours.

Mid Morning

Also, the winds are really going to increase.  We will have winds gusting up to 40-45 mph at time during the day.  So any flurries or snow showers will be blowing sideways. Light snow increases by late morning into the afternoon, especially in our northern counties.


It could come down at a pretty good clip in SW MO during the afternoon.

Late Afternoon

As we work into the evening hours, snow showers will start to taper off.  I do think we will get some light accumulations.


If you live in our west of southwest counties, you will only have flurries and a few snow showers but not really any accumulations.  Most of us will be in the dusting to 1″ range.  However, from Nevada, Stockton, Lockwood, in the 1-2″ range.  Most of this snow will rotate out of here during the evening hours.  It will be chilly but dry on Saturday.  We have another weak system that drops in on Sunday.  Lets take a look.


We are in cycle 3 of this years Heady Pattern.  You can see on Sunday, Friday’s system up the eastern states and the next weak wave across Nebraska.  Now last time this came around, it was on December 1st.  Take a look, pretty good match

December 1st

Last time around it didn’t have much moisture to work with and we just had a few showers.  I expect the same this time around with just some random showers or snow showers late on Sunday.  However, if you are heading to KC for the Chiefs game, here is your gamecast.

Game Forecast

Long range forecast is below.


Next Friday-Saturday:  Rain and snow chances on Friday with cool temperatures into the beginning of the weekend.

January 24th-30th:  A bit more active this week. We’re mild for Sunday and Monday. Our next system will start out as slight rain chances on Monday before cooler temperatures bring a rain/snow mix in for Tuesday and Wednesday. After a cold Thursday with snow chances, we’ll dry out to start the weekend and turn cool again by Saturday.

January 31st-February 6th:  A cool start to the week with slight rain and snow chances on Sunday. The rest of the week looks dry. We’ll turn cold for Monday, cool for Tuesday and more mild for the rest of the week.

February 7th-13th:  The week starts mild with slight rain chances on Sunday and a bump up in the rain chances on Monday. We’ll stay cool for Tuesday and Wednesday with rain and snow chances on Wednesday. After a cold and quiet Thursday, another system works in with slight rain chances for Thursday. Otherwise, we’ll stay cool for Friday and turn mild again for Saturday.

February 14th-20th:  We’ll start off cool for Sunday with another storm system bringing in rain chances. Colder temperatures for Monday through Wednesday. The colder temperatures keep rain and snow chances around for Monday and Tuesday before we taper things down to slight snow chances on Wednesday.  We’ll turn cool for Thursday before we turn mild for the upcoming weekend.